What is Video Mapping and How Can it Be Used?

Video mapping is a projection technology used to breathe life into everyday objects. A form of augmented reality, this innovative technology has already drawn in several leading global brands – attracted by its ability to transform seemingly regular surfaces into immersive experiences. While video mapping and traditional video projection may share some similarities, the key difference is that projected video is primarily used as background content while mapped video essentially “augments” surfaces by adding extra dimensions and creating optical illusions.

The Video Mapping Process

The first step in the video mapping process is the detailed and complete analysis of the projection subject followed by the collection of crucial data. Such data is then used to create a computerized model of the projection surface, which helps mapping technicians better structure content and ensure it matches up perfectly with the projection subject. Next comes the content creation stage, where specialist video production companies either create or adapt existing video content to be used in the mapping.

Video Mapping Examples

Video mapping opens up a world of possibilities for brands and event organizers alike. It’s an extremely powerful communication tool that enables brands and artists to pour their hearts into the mapped content – captivating audiences and really driving the message home. The following are a few examples of how we at Untitled Project have successfully leveraged video mapping for some of our:

Immersive Spaces – The Clubhouse

To celebrate KPMG’s 77th anniversary, we took video and projection mapping to new heights – creating Singapore’s largest, permanent indoor ceiling projection. Aptly named the “Clubhouse,” KPMG Singapore’s staff lounge was loaded with dynamic, mapped visual content that transports guests into ethereal environments while reflecting the mood at key moments throughout the day. See more here: https://untitledproject.tv/portfolio/the-clubhouse/

Artistic Installations – Airbnb x SingaPlural

To complement Airbnb’s installation at renowned design festival SingaPlural, Untitled Project worked with creative agency GOVT to showcase Airbnb’s flagship residences. Harnessing the mind-bending mixed-reality powers of projection and video mapping, we helped Airbnb take audiences on a magical whistle-stop journey across the brand’s prime locations, led by an Airbnb ambassador who transported the audience from destination to destination at the push of a button. See more of our work with GOVT and Airbnb here: https://untitledproject.tv/portfolio/airbnb-x-singaplural/

Venue Launches – KYO x Heineken

Untitled Project teamed up with Heineken for the re-launch of the exclusive KYO nightclub. Determined to craft the ultimate Heineken visuals, Untitled Project created an exclusive mix of Heineken green motion graphics that were blended with videos and event-specific content. The end result was a mesmerizing, fully bespoke visual installation that was video mapped onto 22 screens spread throughout the venue during KYO 2.0’s opening month. See more here: https://untitledproject.tv/portfolio/kyo-club-visuals/

Work with the UK’s Top Video Mapping Company

We pride ourselves on being one of the best visual mapping companies in the UK. Over the years we’ve worked with some of the world’s leading brands to create bespoke, branded experiences that leave audiences begging for more – and we’re more than happy to work with you. From consultation to full-scale video production, our UK team is here to meet and exceed your expectations. If you’d like to learn more about our past work or find out more about how working with Untitled Project can take your next project or event to new heights, feel free to get in touch with us today or browse through a few of our past projects.