What is 360° Projection Mapping and How is it Useful?

Chances are you’re probably already familiar with 360° content by now. Innovative brands have been experimenting with 360° content since the technology first became available and seeing 360° photos and videos on social media platforms like Facebook has become commonplace. But what about 360° projection mapping? As audiences are becoming more used to conventional 360° content, brands have been experimenting with bringing it into the physical world around us. In terms of immersive content, 360° projection mapping stops just short of Virtual Reality, but unlike VR, offers brands a huge advantage – mass exposure without the need for specialised wearable devices.

What is 360° Projection Mapping? 

As its name implies, 360° projection mapping involves the projection of 360° content. Content creation for 360° projection mapping depends largely on the particular 360° content production company’s approach and while animated 360° content is digitally produced, 360° photos or videos require the use of specialised 360° cameras or multi-camera rigs. Multi-camera rigs were a 360° content production company’s go to in the not so distant past, however, the increasing availability of high-quality 360° cameras means that this newer technology is quickly taking over. The type of projector also plays a key role in 360° projection mapping and, similar to cameras, 360° projection can only be achieved through specialised 360° projectors or a number of carefully synchronised projectors.   

How Can 360° Projection Mapping be Used

360° projection mapping can serve a wide range of purposes. As one of the UK’s leading 360° content production companies, we’ve had our fair share of 360° projection mapping experience, and in 2015 we teamed up with creative agency GOVT in collaboration with Airbnb for their installation at that year’s Singaplural design festival. Airbnb wanted to give visitors a taste of what it’s like to stay at one of their flagship residences in key locations, so GOVT developed the idea of a Balinese hut with a white interior onto which different interiors were projected at the push of a button. For our part, we were tasked with the technical aspect of the installation; designing and animating the projection content, as well as planning and executing the 360° projection mapping. See more here: https://untitledproject.tv/portfolio/airbnb-x-singaplural/

Our next milestone 360° projection mapping project took place that very same year, when we teamed up with Heineken for their iconic Green Room music festival in Vietnam. Together with Heineken, we produced a unique set of 360°, underwater scenes in line with that year’s general theme. The content was then projection mapped onto large, tunnel-like structures that audiences walked through as they entered the venue and immersing them into the event experience from the moment they arrived. The main attraction, however, was the “Ocean’s Eye” – a massive projection mapped dome onto which we projected themed, 360° event content.

Just like Virtual Reality, 360° projection mapping is an extremely versatile immersive medium. In addition to brand events and festival installations, 360° content production companies in the UK and beyond have adopted 360° projection mapping to a variety of purposes, including education, theatre, set design, and even gaming. As other immersive technologies, like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, continue to evolve it’s safe to say that we can expect to see 360° projection mapping being used more often and in more situations in the near future.

Work With One of the UK’s Leading 360° Projection Mapping Companies

360° projection mapping is taking the UK projection mapping scene by storm. If you’d like to learn more about this incredible technology and how you can use it to your advantage, or cement your brand’s reputation as a forward thinker, contact Untitled Project today and find out how our industry-leading expertise can help boost your brand to new heights.