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At Untitled Project, we produce things that makes jaws drop, eyes pop and brains explode. Our Manchester based VFX studio team operates 24/7 on a global scale, leveraging the best talent from around the world to produce Hollywood quality VFX. As a leading visual effects service provider, we never stop, and we never sleep. We believe in taking a personal approach to all our projects, which is why we work closely together with our clients and provide them with accessible creative control every step of the way, while ensuring that they’re comfortable and have fully understood everything 100% of the time. Our UK based VFX production team has a passion for bringing visions to life and has over a decade of combined experience doing so.

What is VFX?

Visual effects, or VFX, is the creation or manipulation of imagery outside of live action recording. VFX can be integrated with live action footage, more commonly known as special effects, to include things that would otherwise be dangerous, costly, or impractical to film; or they can be digitally generated, otherwise known as digital effects. Modern, computerised visual effects often start off based on real-world scenes or objects, which are then blended into computer-generated imagery (CGI) to create the mind-boggling, realistic effects we’ve now become so used to seeing in TV and film productions. VFX can be used in practically anything involving some form of visual production, and examples can be seen everywhere; from ultra-realistic looking dinosaurs in films to digital product enhancement in TV advertisements. If you’re interested in working with a leading UK visual effects agency, contact us today to find out how our VFX services can help take your next video production project to the next level.

Award-Winning Production Services

Our award-winning visual effects agency has previously worked with leading brands like the History Channel, Samsung, the BBC, and Sky Sports, and provides a range of services including motion capture, CGI, 2D and 3D animation, match-moving, character animation design and rigging, and video post-production for feature films, TV, commercials, mobile apps, and games. To promote the History Channel’s newest survival reality TV show, Alone, we conceived an experience that took viewers on a solo journey through a Canadian forest. To accommodate the project’s tight turnaround, we created and animated a detailed 3D Canadian forest environment from scratch, complete with spiders, deer carcasses and black bears. The visuals were then incorporated into a 360-degree VR journey which proved to be a tremendous hit. The experience was visited by over 1,200 people in its first few days and featured on leading media outlets and tech blogs. Find out more here:

Whether you’re looking for a complete end to end, from concept to final production, VFX production solution or need help during any particular stage of the production process, our talented team of creatives is on hand to offer their expert assistance and won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied.

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