Creating 360 Degree Virtual Worlds

VR & 360 Degree Content Production for Brands

Untitled project specialises in creating innovative experiences that help brands engage with their clients and drive sales. Over the years, we’ve merged cutting edge Virtual Reality technology with creative storytelling to craft a whole range of VR marketing, award-winning, and immersive experiences for some of the world’s best-known brands. Whether looking to showcase your next product or create a buzz, our unique virtual reality services offer your brand an excellent opportunity to lead consumers through immersive, cross-dimensional journeys that truly connect them with your brand’s story.

VR Animation

When it comes to crafting tailor-made virtual reality experiences, we’re confident that Untitled Project is the best virtual reality company for your brand. Our main goal is to transport brand consumers on magical voyages never before thought possible, and this can be achieved by combining our 3D animation expertise with the latest virtual reality engines. We’ve created a whole host of brand experiences that ferry audiences to the far edges of imagination: from visualising the microscopic mechanics of a washing detergents’ cleaning process for P&G, experiencing Sakura trees in full blossom in Japan for Clear, to deep, dark jungles for the History Channel, there’s no limit to what we’re able to achieve

360 Film Production

Most VR Agencies in the UK have yet to master the complexities of 360 film production. Luckily, it’s one of our specialties. Untitled Project has a rich history working with 360-degree content, and we’ve created award-winning stereoscopic content for major networks and brands like Universal Studios, GroupM and Conrad. From drones to remote camera rigs, we make full use of technology and pride ourselves in offering our clients incomparable production value and in-house production facilities. We create 360 content that engages audiences across the globe and generates strong results for our clients, and our work for Conrad’s underwater residence, The Muraka, is a perfect example of this. Find out more here: Conrad Maldives Muraka

Scoot Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner VR Launch

For our collaboration with Scoot, we invited guests on an interactive virtual reality tour of one of Scoot’s Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Viewers were able to choose between ‘Scoot Economy’, ‘ScootBiz’ or ‘ScootinSilence’ cabin zones and got to experience flying with a host of fun, quirky animated characters that made up the cabin crew and passengers. This unique virtual reality experience helped to communicate how Scoot gives its flyers the freedom to customise their flight experience without breaking the bank and highlighted the benefits of flying with Scoot. The interactive experience proved to be a huge success and pop-up VR experience zones are being implemented in a total of nine territories including throughout the APAC region. See more of our work with Scoot here: Scoot Airlines High Fun VR360 

The Singleton Sensorium VR Whiskey Tasting

In August 2016 we were approached by Diageo, who wanted to launch their new whiskey in a way so unique that it would disrupt the single malt whiskey world. To help facilitate this, we came up with and developed the world’s first virtual reality whiskey tasting experience. Participants were taken on a spectacular journey across the Scottish Highlands while incorporating The Singleton of Glen Ord’s unique flavour notes and ingredients into the experience. The entire experience was very well received, and 85% of participants reported that the VR journey enhanced the whiskey tasting experience. Apart from being entertaining and unique, the VR experience resulted in a 20% conversion rate, with one in five participants going on to purchase a bottle – double that of traditional whiskey tastings. After the successful roll-out of The Singleton Sensorium in Singapore, three more variants were delivered to Diageo for their European, American, and Chinese markets to help drive the brand and business. Learn more about The Singleton Sensorium here:
Singleton Glen Ord VR360
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360 Drone Videography and POV capture using the latest robotic Mantis Dolly system.

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