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The Difference Between Event Planning and Event Production

Event production goes above and beyond traditional event planning by combining event management with creative and technical production, focusing on the event experience. With current brand and consumer trends emphasising the importance of experience, more and more brands are turning to professional UK event production companies like Untitled Project to ensure their next event is one to remember.

What is Event Production Exactly?

Event production is essentially the careful planning, coordination, and execution of every element, no matter how big or small, needed to provide clients and audiences with a unique, mesmerising and unforgettable event experience.

Regardless of whether it’s a massive, multi-day event or a small, intimate wedding, some of the services typically covered by a professional event production company include:

  • Event planning
  • Event management
  • Creative event design
  • Venue selection
  • Logistics
  • Set design and management
  • Floor plans
  • Audiovisuals
  • Event lighting
  • Event graphics
  • Media & publications

So, What’s Involved?

Experienced event producers focus on every minute detail involved in the event process, keeping specific goals in mind. Here’s what event production is really all about:


Experience, experience, experience. The importance of creating a positive event experience for audiences can’t be stressed enough and, in a sense, everything an event production company does is focused around providing a unique event experience. A properly executed event captures, engages, and immerses attendees the moment they approach the venue.


Atmosphere plays a vital role in the overall event experience. Every single aspect of the event needs to be well planned and executed using a mix of technology and creativity to fully engage and immerse audiences into the event’s atmosphere – thus adding value to the overall event experience.

Mood and Emotion

Event producers can manipulate things like sound and venue lighting at different stages throughout the event – which in turn helps them influence audiences. By strategically playing on an audience’s mood and emotions, event production companies are able to ensure that audiences are fully immersed in and connected to every single moment, facilitating the creation of lifelong memories that audiences can associate with brands.


Anything an event production company uses must add value to the event. Everything from printed materials to the set stage must be carefully thought out to ensure that it’s adding value. It’s not enough to use something that’s simply related to the event – if it doesn’t add value and contribute to the overall event experience then it’s not worth including or using.


How can you tell if an event was successful if such success can’t be measured? Measuring an event’s success goes beyond simply counting the number of tickets sold or attendees present and could involve tasks such as measuring social media activity both before and after the event, conducting post-event surveys, and comparing parameters like revenue vs. overheads. All of this combined can help brands and event production companies alike determine whether the event was a success and identify any areas that can be improved to help make their next event even better. In conclusion, event production companies organize and are responsible for all aspects of an event. At Untitled Project, we specialise in turning visions into reality and have years of experience producing and working on events for major brands like Uber, Airbnb, and Heineken. Contact us today to find out more about how our UK-based event production services can help transform your next event.