Projection Mapping

The Benefits of Projection Mapping for Businesses

Recently, projection mapping’s popularity has skyrocketed and it’s now a staple on the international events scene. The UK is no exception either, and more and more businesses are turning to professional projection mapping companies to help them make their next event or promotion one to remember. But what exactly are the benefits of projection mapping for businesses?

Attention Grabbing

Grabbing and retaining an audience’s attention is becoming increasingly harder in our distraction-filled world. Projection mapped experiences are a great way for businesses to captivate an audience’s attention and effectively communicating their message, which made it the perfect tool to integrate into our design and creation of Certis Cisco’s Executive Briefing Center. The Certis EBC was designed to be an immersive, interactive, and projection mapped space used to launch their new service, Certis Secured Digital Records. For the launch of Certis Secured Digital Records, 3D animation and 3D projection mapping were instrumental in explaining the benefits of blockchain to an unfamiliar audience, and combined with an immersive, Virtual Reality presentation, the entire event was a success that led to several partnership deals and garnered over 450,000 media impressions online.


While perhaps not as simple as plugging a notebook into a laptop, projection mapping offers brands significant benefits in terms of flexibility. Working together with Airbnb for their installation at Singaplural, we were able to transport audiences on a journey across the world by projecting different interiors representing Airbnb’s flagship residences onto a plain, all-white interior – something that would have been nearly impossible to pull off in such a short amount of time using traditional methods.  


When used correctly, 3D projection mapping can be an effective tool to engage audiences and retain their attention. Working with Cheil Singapore, that’s exactly what we set out to achieve for the launch of the Samsung s8 DeX at Samsung’s flagship VivoCity store. To complement our 5k resolution 3D animated content, we developed an Android app that communicated directly with a media projection server which coordinated projection onto an immersive, 270-degree projection mapped space, reflecting the application being used within the DeX environment. Of all the products being showcased at the launch, the DeX work/play popup zone achieved one of the highest user engagement times and was regarded as a successful and impactful experience.

Boosts Brand Awareness

The true star of any projection mapped spectacle is your brand, and projection mapping offers tons of opportunities for boosting brand exposure. For our third year activating for Heineken at Singapore’s Zoukout festival, we developed an interactive, 3D animated, projection mapped experience that ended up being the talk of the show. Each customer entering the festival’s Heineken VIP area had their photo taken, which was transmitted wirelessly to the backstage media room where it was rendered in real-time and projection mapped onto a giant projection mapped head.  The rendered photos were then offered to festivalgoers as Instagram style takeaways ready to be uploaded – broadening Heineken’s reach through viral marketing.

Leaves Lasting Impressions

By creating brand-centric visual experiences that play on an audience’s emotions, brands can leverage projection mapping to leave long-lasting impressions on consumers and that’s exactly what we did when promoting POSB’s contactless payment system. Working with TSLA, we projected a “vanishing” ATM over a fully functional ATM which fell away to reveal a live feed of the outside world whenever anyone used the cash machine. Users were stunned when the ATM they had just used disappeared, and their reactions were captured and incorporated into a viral video used in POSB’s overall marketing campaign. The above benefits are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how projection mapping can help businesses. If you’d like to boost your next event or promotion with the help of a top UK 2D&3D projection mapping and 3D animation company, get in touch with Untitled Project today.