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The Advantages of Branded 3D Animation

From advertising to product conceptualisation and design, there’s little that can’t be achieved through high-quality, branded animation. By incorporating 3D animation into your existing brand strategy, you’re not only benefiting from the myriad of advantages on offer, but you’re also showcasing your brand’s intuitiveness and technological prowess – effectively boosting your brand’s reputation. In this article we’ll be taking a look at some of the advantages 3D animations offer brands.


Animations and animated visuals are extremely versatile and can be used for a number of different purposes. In terms of product marketing, a few ways in which brands can use 3D animations include illustrating problems and showing how their products can solve them or showcasing new, or upcoming products. When it comes to brands selling goods or services, animations are a great way to generate a buzz among audiences and help boost sales.

Another way brands can benefit from animations is by using them to simplify and explain complex concepts and technologies to unfamiliar audiences – and this is exactly what our UK-based 3D animation company accomplished in our work with Certis Cisco. Find out more about how we incorporated 3D animations into an immersive, high octane product launch for Certis’ newest blockchain based security solution here:

Spreadable & Relatable

Thanks to their versatile nature, animations can be spread across a range of digital platforms including websites, blogs, and social media. This enables brands to cast a wide net and broadcast their vision to a much wider audience compared to conventional publishing platforms. The advent and increasing popularity of social sharing has helped brands achieve an even greater reach thanks to viral marketing techniques, aimed at inspiring audiences to spread a brand’s message even further.

Speaking of inspiring audiences, it’s no secret that forming a connection with your audience is one of, if not the best ways to promote your brand. Great animations connect with and engage with audiences on levels that simply can’t be matched by other mediums, and this connection can only be achieved by working with a professional animation studio. As an experienced and knowledgeable UK animation studio, Untitled Project understands the importance of relating with audiences and we make it a point to work closely with all our clients to create branded animation experiences that captivate audiences’ attention and form lifelong brand relationships.

Saves Time

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million. One of the beauties of animation is that it takes what would normally take brands hours to explain and condenses it into a few short seconds, which in turn saves brands valuable time that could be better spent on nurturing their relationships with their audiences.

This time-saving nature is also one of the reasons that make animations more attractive to audiences and increases the likelihood of audiences paying more attention. Instead of using long, drawn out product videos to showcase their offerings to audiences, brands can use high-tech 3D animations that are able to explain the same ideas in a fraction of the time. Leading UK 3D animation companies like Untitled Project are making it easier than ever before for brands to take advantage of 3D animation, offering full-service turnkey solutions for brands looking to spice things up and stand out from their competition. Contact us today to discover how our years of combined animation experience can help bring your brand to life.