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Retail trends have shifted within the past few years and with more shoppers joining the online shopping revolution, retailers need to reconsider the role their stores play. Rather than simply displaying their products for purchase, retailers need to realise the importance of focusing on the experience they provide their shoppers. At Untitled Project we understand the importance of in-store experiences and offer a range of retail design services to UK retailers. From retail space design, in-store experiences, retail projection and augmented reality to custom in-store product personalisation platforms, we can help engage your consumers in ways never before thought possible.

Adding Technology to Spatial Design

Retail space design is one of the least understood components, yet the one of the most crucial aspects of retail marketing. More and more retailers are moving toward a digital future and adopting the latest design and retail technologies, like augmented reality and AI retail services, to attract footfall back into their stores, and steer shoppers away from online competitors. We stand out from other UK retail design companies by offering a mix of technology and creativity when designing retail spaces. Leveraging the latest technology along with our design and branding prowess, we focus on crafting inspiring consumer journeys to deliver simple, clear, and compelling brand messages proven drive higher store footfall.

Personalising the Retail Experience

The demand for personalised retail experiences and product personalisation is skyrocketing. In our recent work with Diageo, we took product personalisation to the next level and developed the Johnny Walker Label Studio App. The Johnny Walker Label Studio allowed users to customise their whiskey bottle label on and off premises before purchase, and has been rolled out in over 3000 retail locations worldwide. Since its implementation, the app has generated over $1bn in sales and is growing at an exponential rate. Find out more about our work with Diageo and the Johnny Walker Label Studio App here:

In-Store Projected Augmented Reality

With consumers becoming more used to interactive environments, gamified, augmented reality and AI retail services have really taken off in the UK. Linking devices to interactive projection mapping is just one retail projection idea that can be used to create a buzz – and that’s exactly what we did in our work for the Samsung S8 DeX launch. Working together with Cheil, we created an interactive projection mapping installation at Samsung’s flagship store in VivoCity, Singapore, that seamlessly enhanced the Samsung Galaxy S8’s user experience. To compliment the 5K resolution animated projection mapping, we developed a custom Android app that communicated directly to the projection media server. Through this app, the retail installation was transformed into an immersive, 270-degree space which reflected whatever application the user was using whenever they docked into the DeX environment. See more of our collaboration with Cheil and Samsung: Samsung In-store Projection Mapping

Store Design and Retail Design Toolkits

By combining cutting edge technology with our unparalleled creativity, we’re able to offer brands a fresh approach to store design. Throughout the years, Untitled Project has actively collaborated with world renowned advertising agencies designing everything from interactive bottle displays to full-scale store designs for household names like Nike, Hewlett-Packard and Johnny Walker. Our work with HP and Ogilvy is one of our most prolific store design projects, in which we conceived and developed a retail design toolkit for Hewlett Packard retail spaces across the globe.  Taking a minimalistic and uncluttered approach that maximised retail space through the use of concealed storage, the final retail space design was clean and simple; making use of functional, multi-level table displays to showcase HP products. The layout was so effective and well received that it now serves as the foundation for Hewlett Packard retail spaces. See more of our work with HP and Ogilvy here:
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