Real-Time Visuals – Revolutionising Live Events and Performances

As the name implies, real-time visuals are graphics and other visuals produced and displayed in real-time. Real-time visuals are often used during live events and performances, where flexibility and fluidity are key requirements. Thanks to constant technological advancements, the presence of real-time visual effects is becoming increasingly common so it’s worth digging a little deeper and finding out more about the tools driving the field as well as some real-life applications.

Game Changing Real-Time Production Software

Visuals have long since been an important aspect of any live event but until recently, their implementation was met with a variety of constraints. Developed with the idea of lifting these creative barriers, Notch Builder is artists’ and production technicians’ answer to interactive, real-time visual effects production; allowing them to produce mesmerizing effects, as well as control and edit video content on the fly with changes being reflected as soon as they’re applied.

Not only can Notch be used to create stunning motion-graphics on the fly, but it can even be integrated into lighting desks to create entire new dimensions. When it comes to illuminating scenic spaces, Notch gives lighting technicians the freedom to maximise their creativity in real time, regardless of whether real light or projection lighting is being used. In a nutshell, Notch is one of, if not the most useful and flexible real-time creative tools.

Trusted by the World’s Biggest Artists, Brands, and Events

From live gigs and stage events to full-scale Broadway music productions, Notch has become the go-to tool for production artists and studios the world – despite being a relatively new tool. An example its use was in the Foo Fighter’s recent Concrete and Gold world tour. As a band notorious for putting on a show and stirring things up, it was essential that the Foo Fighters’ visual effects were flawlessly executed and free from any interruptions. By using a combination of Notch and other specialty software, visuals for the Concrete and Gold World tour were all seamlessly generated live and in real-time, adapting perfectly to the band’s performances.

The Story of KoFlow

Untitled Project is no stranger to real-time visuals either. Recently we were given the opportunity to craft a moving theatrical animation backdrop that honoured the legacy of one of Singapore’s most influential and well-known DJs, DJ KoFlow. By using powerful, never before seen video content provided by Alice VFX combined with animation and a selection of DJ KoFlow’s tracks, the animated visual backdrop we produced was able to tell DJ KoFlow’s story in an inspiring, captivating way that captured the audience’s attention and directed it toward DJ KoFlow’s biggest masterpiece – his life. The Story of KoFlow was performed at Singapore’s renowned Esplanade performing arts centre and was graced with the participation of other well-known Singaporean artists sharing the same craft and passion.

Untitled Project’s very own founder and director Lucas Burrows is going full force into the field of real-time visuals. Having amassed a wealth of experience during his 10 years in Asia, where he worked on Heineken green rooms handling the event design, stage design, and event visuals, Lucas has now returned to his roots in the UK and is looking to shake things up. Contact us today to find out how our real-time visual effect production can transform your next event.