Projection Mapping

Projecting Your Ideas onto the World

Specialising in crafting unforgettable moments, our award-winning team has crafted mind-melting visual spectacles and projected them onto some of the most iconic landmarks across the globe. As one of the UK’s premier 3D & 2D projection animation companies, we take pride in our ability to take the ordinary and add the extra.

What is Projection Mapping

Projection mapping adds an extra dimension by ‘wrapping’ 3D graphics around the features and curves of the projection subject, turning everyday objects and structures into stunning 3D displays. Projection mapping is extremely versatile and can be taken advantage of in a wide range of applications, like event projection and wedding projection mapping, so if your goal is to create something that’s visually appealing, engaging and infinitely shareable – incorporating projection mapping into your action plan is a must.

Augmenting Reality Using Light Projection

Light projection augmented reality uses light to strategically project a layer of new information over real world objects. Whether using full 3D projection mapping or Lightform  projection, we’re able to manipulate objects around us it in a way that draws attention and creates shareable, memorable moments that audiences can connect with.

Projection Mapping in Retail

By channelling our team’s decades of combined projection mapping expertise, Untitled Project can turn your products into unique showpieces that tell a mesmerizing story, transfix your audiences, and get them excited about what you offer. Our retail projection mapping work has been featured by household brands like Samsung, with whom we developed an interactive project mapping installation to compliment the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 DeX. Learn more about our collaboration with Samsung here:
Samsung S8 Instore Projection Mapping

Interactive Artwork

2017 marked our entry into the Singapore Night Festival, an annual celebration of art and culture. The theme for the year was ’10 Magical Years’ for which we developed our installation ‘Dream City Window’, drawing on Singapore’s rich culture as inspiration. Overall, Dream City Window was regarded as a huge success and has presented new opportunities for Untitled Project to collaborate with other organizations interested in showcasing Singapore through the marriage of art and creative visual technology.

Working with Brands to Create a Buzz

Not only is projection mapping one of the coolest ways in which brands can advertise their products, it can also be used to increase brand awareness. There’s something about the combination of real-world objects with graphics that has the power to enthral passers-by and stop them dead in their tracks. Our work with POSB on the promotion of their contactless payment system is an ideal example of how this power can be harnessed. See more of our work with POSB here:

POSB Vanishing ATM Projection Mapping

Immersive Spaces

Whether you’re looking for an immersive space to reward your hard-working employees and show them how much they’re valued, or are after a full, 360 degree experience centre to help drive C-level sales, we can transform your space and take your concept to the next level. Our work with immersive spaces is featured in permanent installations throughout the globe and has brought us together with brands like Certis Cisco. Learn more about how we transformed Executive Briefing Centre at Certis Cisco’s HQ here:

Certis Cisco’s HQ – Immersive Projection Mapping Spaces

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