Motion Graphics

Stunning Visual Art Brought to Life Through Motion

Creating Incredible Motion Graphics

Ask 10 people to explain to you what motion graphics are, and you’ll get 10 different answers. Motion graphics bring information to life and are a super effective way of sharing information with audiences. At Untitled Project, we believe that simply throwing facts at an audience won’t do anything – but delivering facts in an engaging and creative way will. Think about it; how much information do you come across as you go about your day, and how much of it sticks? People are naturally inclined to forget information that doesn’t strike them as particularly memorable – and that’s where motion graphics come in. What really sets us apart and makes us one of the best motion graphic agencies in the UK are our skilfully crafted, interesting, motivating, engaging, and most importantly, memorable animations that audiences can enjoy and associate with our clients’ brands.

Bringing Visions to Life

Have you ever been faced with the challenge of presenting ideas to audiences unfamiliar with the topic at hand? More importantly, how do you present this in a way that holds audiences’ attention? The expert team at Untitled Project is well versed in motion graphics services using different mediums and messages to contribute toward brand campaigns. We bring visions to life through arresting and impactful kinetic typography, animated logos, and idents that captivate and engage audiences. Perhaps one of our biggest motion graphic projects was our work with Certis Cisco for the launch of their new advanced security system. Certis commissioned Untitled Project to create an immersive VR presentation illustrating the benefits of the integrated blockchain technology in their new system to an audience of B2B users. Taking the storytelling approach, we were able to cut through the technical jargon and buzz words, broke down the audiences’ perceptions, and expertly conveyed how this incredible new technology fits perfectly into the supply chain to save lives. The overall experience was a massive success garnering over 452,766 media impressions, multiple partnership deals, including a $5 million signing at the launch itself, and helped cement Certis Cisco’s reputation for market insight, digital expertise, and limitless imagination. See more of our collaboration with Certis Cisco for the launch of Certis Secured Digital Records here :

Event Visuals and Animation

Untitled Project has extensive experience in creating visuals and animation for events and promotions. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some well-known brands like Hewlett Packard and Tiger beer, keeping their brand visions in mind while creating stunning event content. We recently worked with HP to develop branded content for their annual partner conference and gala dinner in Taipei. Together with the Singapore HP team, we conceptualised and developed an event theme that took advantage of the venue’s 22k, full 360-degree LED screens, with the result being an all-encompassing experience using 3D-projection mapping, motion graphics, and custom content. Along with the conference and presentation content, our team produced and performed a 3-hour, live 22k resolution VJ set for the Gala dinner guests. See more of our work for the HP partner conference here: and contact us to find out  how our Manchester based motion graphics studio can help wow audiences at your next event.

Kinetic Typography and Brand Videos

Using your existing assets, our talented team can create intricate, animated motion graphics to spice up your next set of brand visuals. We bring brand stories to life in exciting and engaging ways that help grab and maintain your audience’s attention. Whether we’re creating intricate brand presentations, designing product ads, or producing branded videos to compliment a product launch, we’re dedicated to finding a creative solution to any challenge we’re presented with.
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