Phenomenal Interactive Experiences to Capture and Inspire Audiences

Traditional print media doesn’t cut it anymore, it’s just too easy to ignore. In fact, a common challenge faced by modern day brands is that their audiences are just too distracted. Interactive experiences allow brands to make a physical connection with their audiences for a more potent, attention-grabbing, and longer lasting effect. They’re a fantastic way to stand out from your competition and get your audiences to associate your brand with something enjoyable.

Interactive Retail Installations

Ever since online shopping took off; retailers have been looking into more creative ways to attract shoppers back to their stores and reclaim lost sales. Through interactive retail, consumers get to connect with brands on a physical level, which is something that passive advertising and online retailers will never be able to achieve. By physically engaging your customers, you’re showing them that your retail store is about more than just buying things – it’s about experiences. Just like the online shopping experience moved shoppers away from retail stores, brands are utilising exclusive, in-store only interactive experiences to drive traffic right back. We’re revolutionising interactive retail design installations in the UK. Are you ready to be a part of it?

POS App Development

By allowing users to interact and engage with their brand through fun and unique mobile Apps, global brands are killing two birds with one stone; driving sales and increasing brand awareness. We don’t just create apps, we develop and manage entire in-store systems that allow consumers to interact with brands, and even design their very own products. Untitled Project’s product personalization platform has proven to be a huge success, featured in over 3000 stores worldwide and to date, has generated over $1 billion in revenue for our clients – we know a thing or two about interactive app development. See our recent bottle personalisation app for Johnny Walker for a prime example of our creative POS app development:

Interactive Projection Mapping for Events

What’s better than bringing ordinary surfaces to life? Giving your audience the opportunity to interact with stunning, projection mapped creations. Whether brand related or abstract, developed using Unity, Unreal, or Notch, we pride ourselves on offering the best event interactive projection mapping on the market. Our projection mapping expertise doesn’t just stop at creating visual wonders, we can actually put your audience into the work itself and make your next event an unforgettable one. In 2015 we worked with Heineken Singapore at ZoukOut to create an interactive, projection mapped masterpiece that was the talk of the show. Take a look at our legendary work here:

Kinect Installations for Brands

Kinect installations are yet another creative way in which brands can offer their audiences interactive experiences. Harnessing technology like motion control and gesture control, along with an array of cutting-edge sensors, brands can showcase their products and services in an interactive manner that their audience won’t soon forget.  See our recent collaboration with GOVT, where we created an interactive, all in one kiosk featuring a customised, gesture-controlled game for Ice Mountain’s Sparkle from Within Campaign:

Game Development

Interactive apps aren’t just for advertising and sales; they can also be fun! We have a solid game development history, and in 2017 we were approached to develop Passion Amplified for OCBC Bank’s BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore Fan Village experience. This turned out to be a huge hit and now, Untitled Project is bringing their development expertise to the UK – offering companies and brands a full range of interactive app development services.
  • Procedural
  • Kinect / Leap Motion
  • Art Installation
  • Game Development

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