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Untitled Project is your one-stop event visual. We’ve designed everything from retail spaces, event branding, events, and stages, and our list just keeps getting bigger. Bringing experiences to events sch as projection mapping, virtual reality, interactive design, and game design, we’re confident we can take your event to the next level.

Event Design and Management

Give us your event concept and we’ll make it happen. Throughout the years we’ve worked with renowned global brands like Airbnb, and Conrad to create mind-blowing experiences that showcase their offerings. Our professional team works closely with yours to ensure you’re getting a custom-made experience that’s sure to have a lasting effect on your audience. From design to event production and management, we’ve got you covered.

From Concept to execution

No event concept? No problem. Simply brief us on your vision and we’ll take it from there. Drawing on our years of combined experience and expertise, we’ll develop a killer concept for your next event and take it through all the way to the design stage. In our collaboration Uber, we successfully conceptualised and designed the Uber Eats Village, the in-festival food delivery system, and the Uber Lounge at the 2018 Laneway festival in Singapore. As a premier event production company in the UK, we’re looking forward to upgrading your next event.

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is one of our specialties and can help give your event that extra kick it needs. Through projection mapping, 3D designs and animations can be projected and mapped onto physical objects and any surrounding structures, fusing everything together to produce stunning visual effects. Working with visual artists like Brandon Tay, we’ve successfully integrated our projection mapping expertise into the coordination, design, and production of everything from bespoke exhibits to huge regional events for brands like Samsung, Heineken and Tiger Beer. Event Visuals Services are our passion.

Immersive Media

Immersive media has taken the world by storm. Creating an immersive environment that showcases your brand’s identity and its message is only half the battle, but what good is a fancy hi-tech immersive exhibition if it doesn’t affect your audience?  A good immersive experience should capture your audience’s attention, engage their emotions, and touch their souls; this is something few companies get right. At Untitled Project, we believe that your brand’s story should be told through immersion and emotion, which is why we tailor our solutions to leave your audience lost for words and astonished by what they’ve just experienced.

Interactive Installations

To expect audiences to instantly interact with your brand nowadays is wishful thinking. With so many distractions and all the branding that they’re faced with daily, audiences have become jaded and immune to traditional brand awareness methods. To truly capture your audience’s attention, you need to combine creative technology with attractive visuals and strategic interactive design – and that’s where we come in. From oversized whiskey bottles showcasing local artists to a simulated underwater hotel residence, Untitled Project has raised the bar for interactive design.

Real-time Visuals with Notch

Notch is one of the latest industry visual effect builders, and being on top of our game, we’re putting it to good use. This cutting-edge tool allows us to create incredible, real-time and live visuals, meaning we’re constantly working on the final result, rather than on constrained previews. Notch visuals are changing the way the industry looks at design and we’re proud to implement it in our design projects.

Incredible Content

At Untitled Project our entire team is obsessed with creation, technology, and production. We understand that readymade solutions just don’t cut it. Our work with some of the world’s most prolific brands and agencies has enabled us to breathe life into new ideas and produce incredible visual masterpieces never before thought possible. We make cool stuff happen.

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