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Event Animation: Redefining Event Visuals

For most businesses, animation serves as a creative way to support brand identity development, a tool used only in promotional campaigns – but it’s so much more.  Animation can be used in a range of settings and here we’ll be focusing on how animations can be used to enhance brand events. But first, let’s take a quick look at how animation can help support a brand.

Resonates with Audiences

By leveraging animation technologies, brands can create characters that represent their typical, or even ideal, customers. This helps brands show audiences that they truly understand their needs and desires, and are on the same level as them – building a deeper level of trust.

Helps You Stick Out Among the Competition

Fancy logos, colours, and fonts just don’t cut it anymore, you need something that helps you stand out. Properly executed animations connect with audiences on an emotional level, improving the chances of them remembering your brand and facilitating the cultivation of lifelong brand relationships.

Explains What You’re All About

When it comes to storytelling, animation can be used to accurately showcase products, simplify complex concepts, and, perhaps most importantly, provide a true representation of a brand’s identity.

Event Animation

By focusing on the key points mentioned above, animation can add a certain depth to an event, and 3D animation production companies like Untitled Project have been successfully integrating animations into events for years – going beyond simple animated logos and event graphics. Event animation comes in a few forms, and here we’ll be discussing some of the most prominent ones, as well as showcasing a few examples of our recent event animation projects.

3D Animation

From product animations showcasing a brand’s upcoming products and concepts to full-scale projection mapped animations, there’s a ton of different ways to use animations in events. In our latest collaboration with the Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority, we told the story of Singapore’s past, present, and future through a 3-minute animated experience projection mapped onto a giant map of Singapore. The experience was used in the government’s unveiling of their 2019 master plan and is currently featured at Singapore City gallery, with our animated show-clip being played every 20 minutes all day, every day, and projection mapped animations highlighting key locations around Singapore illuminating the map between shows. See more here: https://untitledproject.tv/portfolio/projection-mapped-model-city/

Motion Graphics

As the name implies, motion graphics bring the fluidity of motion to conventional 2D and 3D graphics. Motion graphics can be anything from animated title sequences to animated event graphics, and they’re a great way to capture an audience’s attention – keeping them engaged for longer. This increased engagement can also make it easier for audiences to understand advanced concepts, and that’s exactly why we chose to use motion graphics in our animated presentation for Certis Cisco’s launch of their newest security product: Certis Secured Digital Records. Find out more about our award-winning work with Certis here: https://untitledproject.tv/portfolio/certis-ebc-traceability/

Interactive Animation

Animations can be combined with a variety of interactive technologies to add an extra layer to live events and digital spaces. For the launch of The Singleton of Glen Ord, Untitled Project worked with leading spirits brand Diageo to develop the world’s first virtual whiskey tasting experience. We were responsible for the entire project, including the design and animation of the 3D content used in the immersive, 360-degree Virtual Reality experience showcased during a 3-day launch event. The unique, interactive 3D animated experience was regarded as a resounding success, landing Untitled Project several gold awards including Best Idea – Consumer Events, and was subsequently rolled out across events in Europe, the USA, South Africa, and Malaysia. See more of our award-winning work for Diageo here: https://untitledproject.tv/portfolio/singleton-glen-ord-360/

Apart from award-winning animation services, Untitled Project also offers full-service event production in the UK. Whether you’re looking to spice up your next event with tailor-made 3D animations or looking for turnkey event production solutions, get in touch with us today and discover how we can help take your events to the next level.