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Debunking Projection Mapping Misconceptions

Once the domain of big-budget performances and live-events, projection mapping has advanced leaps and bounds over the past two decades, to the point where it’s now accessible by practically any brand. With projection mapping becoming more popular by the minute, it’s only natural that some misconceptions surrounding this fascinating technique exist. In this article we’ll be taking a look at and debunking 2 common misconceptions associated with projection mapping along with what the future holds for this incredible technique, but first let’s dive a little deeper into how it’s used.

How is Projection Mapping Used?

While regular projection is the simple projection of images onto flat surfaces, projection mapping “wraps” 3D graphics and animations around the projection subject’s natural curves and edges, adding an extra dimension and naturally blending the projection material with the projection subject.

Shows, live events and artistic installations aside, brands too have started to realize projection mapping’s potential and the benefits it brings to the table. From small scale productions like projection mapping clothes onto mannequins, to large scale branded promotions like our projections for Tiger Beer at the South Korean launch party for their new logo, brands have constantly been exploring newer and more innovative ways to incorporate projection mapping into their marketing efforts.

Common Projection Mapping Misconceptions

Perhaps the biggest misconception surrounding projection mapping is that it can be done by anyone on a shoestring. It’s no secret that technological advancements have made projection mapping more available to brands, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it can be done on the cheap.

Projection mapping is more than just plugging a laptop into a projector. It involves complex equipment and cooperation between several teams to handle aspects such as projection creatives and equipment setup, along with a significant amount of preparation and time. All this comes with a hefty price tag, with startup costs often in the five or six-figure ranges.  At the end of the day, if you want it done right and want to save yourself a ton money and headaches, it’s best to leave projection mapping to the professionals.

Another common misconception people might have about projection mapping is that any media can be projected onto any surface. Wrong. Oftentimes, clients unaware of the intricacies involved in projection mapping may insist on projecting existing content, yet the reality is that the chances of this content projecting properly are slim.

Projection mapped content generally needs to be created from scratch, or at the very least reworked, otherwise it won’t “wrap” properly around the projection subject and won’t look as realistic as tailor-made media. This is another aspect covered by projection mapping companies. Professional projection mapping companies, like Manchester’s own Untitled Project, often employ, or are partnered with, expert content creators who use specialist software to craft or adapt content to fit perfectly around a projection subject’s various curves and edges.

The Future of Projection Mapping

The next major stage in projection mapping’s evolution is undoubtedly interactive projection mapping. Interactive projection mapping can be described as a form of augmented reality and would involve users physically interacting with projections and projection subjects through actions such as touch or motion.

An example of such interactive projection mapping can be seen in our collaboration with POSB to promote their new contactless payment system. Using 4 short throw laser projectors and a live feed of the building’s exterior, we were able to project over a fully functional ATM at the entrance to Singapore’s famous Cathay theatre. The projection was then set up to send a trigger to a server whenever someone used the cash machine, wherein our projection mapped ATM “fall away” and revealed the building’s exterior. See more of our work with POSB here:[AW1] 

Work with Manchester’s Best Projection Mapping Company

After a successful run in Asia, Untitled Project have returned to their roots in Manchester to take the local projection mapping scene by storm. Projection mapping for household brands like Airbnb, Heineken, and Samsung, we’re confident we can meet and exceed your projection mapping needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help take your next event or promotion to the next level.