Creating Mixed Reality with Hololens

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Creating Mixed Reality with HoloLens

Mixed Reality facilitates an interactive world in which virtual objects are seamlessly blended with the physical environment. While this may sound like Augmented Reality, the key difference between the two is the basic technology involved. Currently, MR is primarily headset based, as opposed to AR which relies on screens and smart, interactive devices like smartphones and tablets. Mixed Reality is also more aware of the actual shapes, angles and overall geometry of the surrounding environment – which it takes advantage of to generate content defined by the viewer’s current environment. In a sense, MR can be considered as ‘advanced’ Augmented Reality, and the constant new developments being rolled out, such as Microsoft’s HoloLens, are shaping up Mixed Reality to become a truly revolutionising technology.

Developing for HoloLens

HoloLens development follows a fundamentally similar process to game design, with the main caveat being the limitations in headset processing power. The number of polygons and the amount of information a headset can handle at any given time is significantly lower than the modern gaming PCs that games are designed for, meaning that for now, HoloLens apps are limited to simple visuals. At Untitled Project, all our real-time interactive HoloLens apps are developed within the Unity3D or Unreal engines. Drawing on their years of experience with headsets, smartphone apps, VR animation, 360 live streaming, and MR capture, the in-house developers at our Manchester office are ready to work on your next HoloLens project. Get in touch with us today to find out what makes us one of the best HoloLens development studios in the UK.

Volumetric Video

Put simply, watching a volumetric video is the same as being able to watch a theatre performance from any angle you like. As opposed to traditional 3D videos and animations, footage for volumetric video is captured from all angles and all sides, creating what is essentially a complete digital copy of the person, object, or scene that can later be viewed in a VR or MR headset. Thanks to the incredibly immersive experience it offers, volumetric video has already been embraced by MR, with one of the most popular examples being the Microsoft HoloLens headset. All content viewed within the HoloLens headset consists of 360-degree volumetric video, which lets viewers fully explore and experience the virtual world around them. That’s not to say that VR isn’t catching up though and in fact, much of today’s VR content consists of 360-degree video or 3D animation. With volumetric video and mixed reality expected to grow substantially within the next few years, we’re proud to be at the forefront of such technologies.

Creating New Realities with Untitled Project

Over the years we’ve developed a range of AR, VR, and MR products for a variety of platforms using both Unity3D and Unreal engines. At the forefront of Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality technologies, our award-winning creative studio has created VR and MR experiences for clients like Conrad Hilton, the History Channel, the Bodyshop, Diageo, Scoot Airlines, Samsung, and Certis Cisco. We’re confident we’re the right service providers for your next HoloLens, mixed, or virtual reality project.
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