Augmented Reality

Redefining the World Around Us

Merging Digital Content with the Physical World

Augmented reality and augmented reality services help seamlessly merge digital content with the physical world around us. This could be something as simple as overlaying a 3D graphic or animation over a video, picture, or any real-world object, or as mind-blowing as projection mapping artistic masterpieces onto entire buildings – and we’ve done both.

Immerse Audiences Like Never Before

There are few experiences as immersive and as memorable as an AR experience. Augmented Reality brings experiences to life in ways that consumers would have never imagined through the medium of mixed reality. Mixed reality experiences offer audiences an amazing blend of interaction and technology, creating a long-lasting effect that you audience can associate with your brand for the rest of their lives. In one of our latest collaborations with GOVT, Singapore, we took advantage of augmented reality and projection mapping technologies to develop an experiential installation for Airbnb at Singaplural. The installation featured a typical Balinese hut with a plain, white interior which transformed at the tap of a button. Full interiors and backgrounds were projected onto all surfaces, transporting visitors on a journey across the world to places like Tokyo, Paris, and Penang, for an immersive experience of what it’s like staying in Airbnb accommodations around the world. See more of our collaboration with GOVT and Airbnb here:

Enhancing the Narrative of Storytelling

Merging the physical and digital worlds through Augmented Reality has really upgraded the way stories are told; yet it’s sometimes too easy for brands and other UK AR agencies to put too much emphasis on the technology, forgetting about the message they were originally trying to convey. At Untitled Project, we’ve perfected the art of augmented reality enhancement and pride ourselves on the fact that our augmented reality services simply enhance projects, and don’t turn the technology into the actual project itself.

Experimental AR Design

As an experienced augmented reality company, we fully understand that brands are often unwilling to spend money on and commit to untried, untested technologies and marketing methods. Experimental design and testing are key aspects of the Untitled Project creative approach, particularly within the medium of Augmented Reality. We pride ourselves on this creative approach to testing new technologies as it allows for the creation of a wide range of both inward and outward facing projects that push the boundaries of creativity and technology.

Certis Cisco Augmented Reality Wayfinding

One of our recent involvements with Certis Cisco was in the development of the Augmented Reality Wayfinder app. Once installed on their smart phone, the AR Wayfinder app enables visitors to Smart Navigate around the building using their phone’s GPS, schedule meetings, and remotely check-in with the building’s reception desk to speed up check-in times when visiting. The AR wayfinding system also plots AR waypoints throughout the building, geo blocks areas off and opens up others based on proximity to help app users save time and find the quickest and most efficient route to their scheduled meeting.
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