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Game Changing Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Keeping Ahead of the Game

With newer technologies being introduced every day, Artificial Intelligence is rapidly evolving and becoming a part of our daily lives. One of the biggest advantages of AI is the fact that it’s able to sift through data and process tasks in a fraction of the time it takes us humans. From predicting in-store consumer interest, to keeping a country safe by accurately assessing a threat situation and predicting it before it actually occurs, AI’s uses are practically limitless and it’s high time brands adapted this amazing technology.

Artificial Intelligence in Retail

One area in which AI companies have had successful results is retail. AI can be embedded into the consumer journey in a variety of ways. One of the most well-known examples of AI in retail is in online advertising. Online retailers are making use of AI to accurately predict products a consumer is more likely to buy, based on past interest in similar products. AI can also be used in an offline setting, such as a retail display in the form of a ‘magic mirror’ that greets consumers as they walk by, and suggests products to them based on demographics such as their age, gender, and purchase history. Get in touch with us today to find out how our AI Production is changing the UK retail game.

Using AI to Develop a Better Understanding of Consumer Needs

Traditional modular retail displays or solutions are designed the way they are because no matter how well brands think they know their consumers, human nature is often surprising. AI can be used in a retail setting to monitor the flow of consumer foot traffic and activity through specific retail areas, or even entire stores. Once this data has been collected, the AI’s learning algorithm can quickly identify consumer trends and suggest alternate layouts and store designs to optimize the flow of traffic throughout the store.

Making Lives Better Through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has the ability to impartially assess a situation and the probability or nature of an issue in an instant. An example this instant analysis and determination in retail stores is the preemptive allocation of services such as disability and accessibility. By using predictive AI, store management can be alerted of the potential need for such services and can better provide adequate support for people on arrival, which ensures that consumers have a positive, seamless, and dignified experience. Our recent work for Certis Cisco included the incorporation of a custom Artificial Intelligence platform which simultaneously scanned hundreds of video feeds and instantly analysed them frame by frame, looking for any threats or pre-determined issues. Were it undertaken by humans, such a task would be time consuming and labour intensive, yet by allocating the AI platform to monitor the video feeds, manpower was saved and able to be better re-allocated as field support. See more of our Artificial Intelligence Services for Cisco Certis here and discover why we’re one of the best UK Artificial Intelligence Agencies out there:

Instantaneous Direct Communication with Brands

Automated Engagement Solutions, commonly known as Chatbot AI, allow brands to offer their consumers instantaneous communication, unrestricted by the constrains of traditional work hours and mediums. By tapping into a constantly evolving memory, Chatbot AIs are able to understand a consumer’s question, no matter how it’s worded, and instantly serve up an answer in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of a cost of human customer service operations.
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