App Development

Creating Deeper Connections through App Development

Building Digital Experiences for Brands that Resonate with Consumers

Mobile is the most intimate of mediums, and one which most marketers have failed to crack. As one of the leading UK app development agencies, we’re well versed in developing user centric apps for a range of different clients. Our inhouse app development talent pool is made up of creative and innovative coders and developers who all share a collective consciousness – to craft user-centric apps and digital experiences that people are excited about and love to use.

Understanding the Consumer

Based on our previous work and past successes, we’re confident that we can quickly and easily identify what your users want and need. No matter whether we’re commissioned to develop an augmented reality app to help drive a brand’s product sales, or a virtual reality experience for a university to better deliver information to its students, at Untitled Project we always keep the end user at the heart of the design and development processes. We take research very seriously and are firm believers in offering creative, yet intuitive, technological solutions to any problems we’re tasked to solve.

The Johnnie Walker Label Studio

In 2016 we were approached by spirits producer Diageo to develop a new and innovative way of promoting Johnnie Walker ‘gifting’ in the Duty-Free market. Diageo had already experienced success in the field of product personalisation through their Blue Label Bottle Engraving Programme, so our goal this time was to create yet another way for consumers to interact with the well-known Johnnie Walker product line. Our answer to this was the Johnnie Walker Label Studio. The Johnnie Walker Label studio combined product personalisation with gamification and allowed consumers to customise their bottle labels using their very own photos, producing a bespoke product for each individual consumer. The app was developed for both Android and iOS devices and rolled out globally across duty free stores in over 20 countries after a successful pilot across the APAC region and Europe. See more of our work on the Johnnie Walker Label Studio here:

Custom App Development

Every app we develop is designed to deliver results. We design apps to entertain, engage, and enlighten audiences, while providing them with something of value that maintains their connection to your brand. Our in-house development team are experts in leveraging new technologies and have worked on over 200 digital projects across some of the most popular platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, OSX, and HoloLense.  To promote the History Channel’s newest survival reality TV show, Alone, we teamed up with GOVT in Singapore to create an exciting VR experience that gave users a taste of what it’s like to be left alone in the wild. The success was all made possible thanks to the custom 360-degree VR video player app we developed, with the experience being featured on leading media outlets and tech blogs. Find out more about this successful project here: History Channel Alone VR App

Bringing the Experience to Life

Over the years, our innovative, tailor-made solutions have empowered brands to connect with their consumers in new and exciting ways. We wholeheartedly believe in bringing truly immersive brand experiences to users, and specialise in creating award-winning, unique digital environments which enable users to interact with brands like never before. If you’re looking to have an app developed, we’re one of the top AR and VR app development companies in the UK. We’ll help you select the right mediums and deliver a fully personalised app that will effectively tell your brand’s story and is sure to be a hit with your audience.