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Bringing Your Brand to Life

Founded in 2014, Untitled Project has evolved from its humble roots as a motion capture company into a full-service, global animation studio. Our goal is to become the best animation company in the UK, taking any problem brands and agencies approach us with and producing creative, technologically inspiring solutions that stun audiences and bring brands to life.  We make your animation dreams come true.

Why Animation Over Film

Animation allows for a certain depth and character that just can’t be achieved using traditional film. Advances in 3D animation technology mean that things like extreme weather and epic robot battles can now be filmed without the need for logistical nightmares or astronomical budgets. Not only that, but animation also allows brands to push their creativity to the limits and take their concepts to a whole new level. Our recent VR animation work for Conrad’s new underwater hotel, The Muraka, has been showcased all over the world. See more at:

Motion Graphics

Put simply, motion graphics is graphic design brought to life. It’s a fact that modern day audiences are more responsive to video and animations, and motion graphics are a great way to capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged for longer. Their main benefit is that they present brands with the opportunity to share their message in a more compelling, creative manner that’s easier for their audiences to understand. For a better idea of how motion graphics can skyrocket your business, see this award-winning piece of work we did for Certis:

Art Direction & Development

Everyone at our UK animation studio is creative in their own way. From our award-winning animators to our storyboard creators, everyone is an artist in their own right. Whether working with your in-house development team or starting from scratch, we’re able to quickly bring your idea to life. Our partnership with industry leading agencies and brands means that we’re able to offer our clients more competitive pricing and faster turnarounds. This makes it easier for brands to pitch more ideas and gives creative directors the freedom to explore further. We make the best use of any space we’re provided with and our recent work for HP showcases our world class artistic capabilities.

Animation Augmentation

Augmented animation merges the world we live in with traditional visual animation, providing animators with a whole new digital canvas. Whether looking to enhance your existing products or capture and inspire your audiences, animation augmentation can be used to turn ordinary spaces into immersive and engaging spectacles. From bespoke, artistic installations for brands like Airbnb and Samsung, to enormous, stunning visual creations for Heineken, we’ve used animation augmentation to truly push the boundaries of reality.

How We Approach a Project

Combining technology with creativity, each project we take on is treated like a blank canvas. We pride ourselves on taking our clients’ ideas and producing awe inspiring, technologically spectacular creations. Our talents at Untitled Project stem from a wide variety of backgrounds but are brought together by a single core value: we live to create. Thanks to this phenomenal talent pool, we’re able to ensure that all our projects feature the right balance of creativity and technicality throughout the entire process.

Why Choose Untitled: Awards and Accolades

We’ve worked with brands and agencies across the world creating incredible content that stuns and captures their audiences, but don’t just take our word of it. If you need any further re-assurance that we’re the right animation company for you, take a look at some of the various projects we’ve worked on throughout the years.
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