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6 Different Ways to Use Projection Mapping

Modern projection mapping has evolved leaps and bounds since its early uses in big-budget live productions, to the point where it can be used in virtually any setting. Whether launching your next flagship product or hosting your next event, projection mapping is sure to add massive value. Projection mapping itself goes beyond the simple projection of images onto static surfaces and today we’ll be going over 6 different ways in which this phenomenal technology can be applied along with a few practical examples.

Table Projection Mapping

Tabletop projection mapping is an excellent way to turn any tabletop into an animated masterpiece. Working together with the Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority, we designed and developed a 12 meter wide, projection-mapped model of the island of Singapore. The installation acted as a unique tool for town planners and the Urban Redevelopment Authority to show the past, present, and future of this ever-changing city during the announcement of the government’s 2019 master plan. Following the event, the projection-mapped model was introduced as a permanent installation in the Singapore City Gallery and has become a favorite among tourists and locals alike. See more here:

Retail Projection mapping

Retail projection mapping has countless uses and an example of its successful implementation can be found in the launch of the Samsung s8 DeX at their premier outlet in Singapore. For the launch, marketing agency Cheil Singapore engaged projection mapping specialists Untitled Project. Drawing on their expertise, our team of projection technicians developed a 270-degree popup zone using a combination of a custom-developed Android app, 5K resolution animated content and the latest, best projectors for 3D mapping available. The result was an immersive experience that allowed users to witness DeX’s incredible display capabilities firsthand – which lead to a social media frenzy that skyrocketed store traffic and significantly boosted sales. Click here to find out more about our work with Cheil & Samsung.

Car Projection Mapping

Car projection mapping is one of the hottest trends in the automotive marketing industry right now. Using a combination of live projection and 3D projection mapping, mapping technicians can project anything from design concepts to interactive 3D animations onto cars and leading car manufacturers such as Hyundai and BMW have already adopted the technique as an effective way to appeal to a wider audience.

Facade Projection Mapping

Thanks to modern projection mapping equipment and technology, entire buildings can now be turned into mesmerizing displays. Façade projections can be used for anything from advertising to artistic displays and throughout the years mapping technicians have projected onto virtually any building imaginable, including iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House.

Face Projection Mapping

Face, or facial projection mapping is one of the newest forms of projection mapping being experimented with by artists today and is perhaps the best example of how far projection mapping has come. Touted as the facial projection mapping pioneer, award-winning creative director Nobumichi Asai revolutionized the projection mapping scene with his real-time face projection mapping experience, Omote, back in 2014. Since then, facial projection mapping technology and techniques have continued to evolve, and the technique is poised to soon replace conventional makeup and special effects in big-budget productions.

Real-Time Projection Mapping

Real-time projection mapping breaks free of the constraints of pre-set content and allows for on-the-fly mapping to keep audiences constantly engaged. In our work with TSLA, we developed a projection-mapped experience to promote the launch of POSB’s new contactless payment system for a one-day event that was held at the busy entrance to the iconic Singapore Cathay theatre. Going along with the theme of a world without ATMs, we set up and used 4 short throw laser projectors to project onto a fully functional ATM and captured a live feed of the theatre’s exterior.  Any users brave enough to use the ATM were treated to a stunning real-time projection display, mimicking the entire wall dropping away and revealing a live, real-time broadcast of the outside world just beyond the theatre’s walls. See more of our work with POSB here:

Work with Manchester’s Best 3D Projection Mapping Company

At Untitled Project, our award-winning Manchester-based team specialises in crafting unique projection-mapped exhibitions that can be used in a variety of different settings and are at the forefront of the UK projection mapping scene. Contact us today to find out more about how projection mapping can benefit your next event, marketing initiative, or brand in general.