Virtual Reality

5 Ways Brand Events Can Benefit From Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality experiences help “trap” audiences in virtual worlds that stimulate them in ways unbeknownst to conventional event technologies. By harnessing this incredible technology, brands are positioning themselves as forward thinkers in their respective fields. Here are 5 ways brands can leverage Virtual Reality at their next event.

Virtual Brand Experiences

One-way brands can use virtual experiences to their advantage is to give their audiences a preview of what they offer, just like what Conrad Maldives set out to do when they approached UK Virtual Reality services provider Untitled Project to create a VR experience to promote the launch of their new undersea residence. Virtual Reality can also be leveraged to offer audiences a memorable and engaging experience that they can associate with a particular brand, serving as the foundation for lifelong brand loyalty.

Showcase Upcoming Products & Concepts

Brands using Virtual Reality to showcase their new or upcoming products & concepts benefit from a significant increase in conversion and sales. This is primarily due to VR’s ability to immerse audiences into products and brand experiences. Even though the technology is still in its early stages, a VR experience can sometimes be as effective as actually placing the physical product right in front of an audience’s eyes, and studies have shown that the use of VR tools in marketing can significantly increase buyer certainty.

Location Independent Events

Launching a product or hosting a special event? Reach out to audiences across the globe using Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality presentations and promotions can be browsed by prospective customers at any time, in any place. Brands have already started toying with the idea of virtual showrooms and in 2017, luxury brand Swarovski partnered up with Mastercard for the launch of their VR shopping experience. Such technology isn’t just limited to displays and promotions however, and its uses can be expanded to include full-fledged events in VR.   

Immersive Presentations

By taking advantage of the novelty that is a VR presentation, brands benefit from an audience’s increased attention span – keeping them focused on what’s being presenting longer and allowing the point to really be driven home. Working with Certis Cisco, Untitled Project was tasked with the challenge of explaining the benefits of blockchain technologies to an audience of unfamiliar B2B users for the launch of their newest security product, Certis Secured Digital Records. We achieved this by taking a storytelling approach and designing an immersive Virtual Reality presentation that broke down audience’s perceptions, cut through the technical jargon, and expertly conveyed how this groundbreaking technology can be applied to everyday supply chains to improve and save lives.

Stun & Excite Audiences

Expertly crafted, interactive Virtual Reality experiences can be utilized to generate excitement and create long-lasting brand-consumer relationships. To promote the launch of their newest survival reality show, Alone, the History Channel wanted to create a buzz by giving audiences the opportunity to experience the same feelings of despair, fear and loneliness faced by the show’s contestants. Working with local Singaporean agency Govt, UK Virtual Reality company Untitled Project developed an immersive virtual journey that took viewers on a walk through the wild Canadian forest, beginning at a charming and peaceful campsite and slowly becoming tenser, until the experience reached its payoff with an introduction to the show at the end. The experience was a hit, with over 1,200 people visiting the event experience in its first 2 days and the launch going viral online. If you’re looking for a turnkey solution using Virtual Reality to spice up your next event, contact us today to find out how working with one of the UK’s top Virtual Reality event production companies can bring your visions to life.