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4 Ways to Use Augmented Reality at Your Next Event

Augmented Reality offers multiple benefits for both event organizers and attendees alike: attendees appreciate the value it adds to events, while organizers can harness it to engage audiences and keep them coming back for more.

Despite its uses, the question of how to use AR at events still remains. The following are four ways you can use this novel technology to enhance your next event:

Augmented Reality Navigation
Perhaps one of the best ways of incorporating augmented reality into your next event is by developing a custom AR wayfinding app. Relying on digital waypoints spread out throughout a venue, these apps are immensely useful at helping event attendees find key areas like restrooms and stages and free up event staff who’d otherwise be tied up answering the same questions over and over again.

Gamify Your Events
Nintendo’s legendary mobile game Pokémon Go needs no introduction. The whole point of the game is for players to navigate the real world around them, looking for AR waypoints where they can use their phones to catch virtual Pokémon. In a sense, the game made traveling fun and rewarded players for navigating between different locations. So why not apply this idea to AR wayfinding at events?

As an event organizer, it’s your job to ensure the success of your event and part of that lies in getting audiences to engage with various aspects of the event. Building on the Pokémon Go example, it wouldn’t take much to add a “points” system to your AR wayfinding app, acting as a virtual incentive for attendees to visit and engage with different parts of the event; which in turn would allow them to enjoy the event even more and improves their chances of attending your next event.

Enhanced Information Delivery
Tech giants like Google pioneered augmented reality’s potential for information delivery with the release of QR and barcode scanning apps several years ago. While they were revolutionary at the time, QR codes and QR code scanners have now become a part of our daily lives, and retailers like Walmart have even integrated the technology into in-store apps shoppers can use to find out more about the products they’re scanning.

Today, AR has advanced to the point where an individual can be matched to an entry in a database through facial recognition, making the technology particularly useful for providing attendees at events like conferences or networking events with more information. All event attendees would need to do is hold up their smartphone and hover over whoever is speaking to get more information about them. This simple, yet effective feature provides value to event-goers and helps develop a deeper sense of connection between an event and its attendees.

Showcase and Demo New Products

One more way to take advantage of augmented reality at your events is to showcase new and upcoming products. This application of AR is especially useful if you’re launching a product that might not necessarily be practical to demo in person due to size constraints. Furthermore, AR can be combined with other event technologies like projection mapping to create mind blowing event visuals.

Take the launch of a new car as an example. Rather than a plain old video or 3D animation, a car manufacturer could combine AR and projection mapping for a unique simulation of the way the vehicle would drive over and handle different types of terrain and environments.

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These are just a few examples of how you can use augmented reality at your next event. Contact award-winning UK augmented reality company to find out more about how using AR at your next event can help take it to new heights.