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360 Video Production

360 film provides viewers with an unparalleled immersive experience by placing them right into the centre of a story – making it one of the most powerful marketing tools a brand can use. Since 2015, Untitled Project has worked with a range of TV networks and leading brands, creating award-winning 360 content used in various platforms from our custom-built VR video player app to Facebook 360, YouTube 360, and Vimeo VR.

The Best View, Unrestricted

One of the biggest advantages of 360-degree video production is the unrestricted view available to viewers. 360 videos immerse viewers into the experience, allowing them to see it from all angles. Imagine being able to watch a football game from any seat you like – this is the exact type of experience that a 360 video offers. 360 videos also give users the choice to view and interact with the parts of the video that interest them the most, improving engagement and keeping them captivated for longer.

In-House Production Equipment

At Untitled Project, we take pride in owning and using the latest and greatest 360 production technology currently available on the market. We’re not afraid to admit that we’re tech geeks, and own everything from drones, remote control 360 camera rigs (Mantis 360) to 8K 360-degree cameras. Thanks to our industry partners and dedicated team of tech heads, we’re able to keep up to date with the latest market developments and releases, setting us apart from other UK 360 content production companies.

Conrad Maldives Muraka VR 360

To market the launch of their new undersea residence, the Conrad Group invited us to craft an immersive VR experience to give future guests a taste of what’s to come. A residence like no other, The Muraka lies 16.4 feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean and is an experience within itself. Using the full spectrum of our 360 photography and virtual reality production skills, we were able to transport aspiring guests on a journey under the sea, giving them an intimate glimpse of what it’s like to live among the fish and abundant marine life surrounding Rangali Island. Our VR experience and the press kit we prepared for the Conrad Group became an overnight viral sensation; reaching over 2.8 billion people and being featured by major publishing companies. Find out more out our work for the Conrad Group here:

Conrad Maldives The Muraka 360VR

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