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3 Ways to Harness Event Projection Mapping

Have you ever attended an event where the walls and floors seemed to pulsate? Casting shadows and moving around as if they’d come to life? If so, then you’ve likely already experienced interactive projection mapping firsthand. 3D projection mapping has become increasingly popular among UK event organizers and projection mapping artists, who use the technique to manipulate light, graphics, and video to create mind-bending illusions.

From large festivals to bespoke, exclusive events, the technique can be used to “wow” attendees and captivate them like never before. Looking for some inspiration for your next event? Here are three creative ways you can harness projection mapping for your next event:

  • Event Visuals

There are heaps of examples of interactive and even real-time projection mapping being used for event visuals both in the UK and overseas, including projections on iconic buildings like the Sydney Opera House and Buckingham Palace.

3D Projection mapping doesn’t have to be the focus of your event, however, and can be leveraged to enhance the overall event atmosphere. An example is our work for the reveal of Tiger Beer’s new logo in Seoul, South Korea. Tiger Beer engaged UK projection mapping company Untitled project to create a unique content pack that was rolled out and mapped at the launch accompanied by a 4-hour live VJ set. Click here to see more. 

  • Interactive Backdrops

Looking to transform your next event? Whether planning out a wedding or your company’s next big event, projection mapping can be used to create stunning, high-quality backdrops that immerse attendees the moment they step through the door. Thanks to interactive projection mapping, walls and surfaces of all shapes and sizes can be brought to life using video mapping to make your attendees feel like they’ve just entered a serene forest or a magical underwater world – or to just simply dazzle them.

To relaunch the iconic KYO nightclub, Heineken engaged their longtime partners, UK light projection mapping company Untitled Project, to create the ultimate set of party visuals that would be used throughout KYO 2.0’s opening month. Rising to the challenge, we crafted dynamic, vibrant, and interactive visual content that was mapped onto 22 screens spread throughout the venue. The result was an incredible tapestry of light that set the scene and paired perfectly with the various event nights held throughout the club’s relaunch.

  • Immersive Visual Aids

Acting as a powerful visual aid, interactive projection mapping offers audiences and event attendees the opportunity to view your latest product from a unique perspective. The fact that 3D projection mapping is still a relatively novel event technology also makes events and product launches that little bit more exciting, which in turn boosts attendee engagement and leads to a more successful event.

Take Samsung’s launch of the s8 DeX at their premier VivoCity outlet. To launch the DeX, real-time video mapping experts Untitled Project UK developed a unique popup zone. The entire experience was based on 5K animated content and a custom Android app that collected data whenever users docked or undocked their Galaxy s8 phones. This data was then sent to a specialized media projector, which in turn projected interactive environments onto a 270-degree projection screen in real-time. The projection mapped popup zone received sky-high engagement, which drove sales and created an online frenzy that attracted even more traffic to the store.

Why Untitled Project?

At Untitled Project, we’re here to help make sure your next event leaves a long-lasting impression on anyone who attends. Whether you’re looking to maximize engagement or provide your guests with an unforgettable experience, you’ll definitely benefit from working with the UK’s best 3D projection mapping and event video mapping company. Get in touch with us today to find out more.