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3 Software Technologies Shaping the Projection Mapping World

Humans have been enthralled by art since the beginning of time. From simple perspective tricks to more detailed deception like painted windows on flat walls, we’ve always been, and always will be, fascinated by art that tricks our eyes and minds. Fast-forward to recent years and 3D projection mapping is one of the latest trends in this age-old tradition thanks to its immersive nature and its capability to transport viewers on magical journeys – limited only by the artists’ imaginations. Among other things, a professionally executed, mind-melting projection mapping display requires the careful use and synchronisation of specialized software and hardware and in this post, we’ll be going over three of the best and most popular projection mapping software solutions available on the market today.

Disguise (Formerly d3)

Disguise is at the forefront of projection mapping technologies and their tools are used by some of the best 3D projection mapping artists and companies across the globe – and for good reason. Disguise, or d3, projection mapping solutions, particularly their Designer toolkit, give artists and technologists alike the ability and creative control to bring their visions to life, and feature cutting-edge innovations such as real-time projection mapping, on-the-fly rendering and editing, and interactive projection mapping. Whether it’s projected smoke that moves and dances as a user walks through it, or a giant, 3D projection-mapped head showcasing festivalgoers in real-time, the immersive projection-mapped experiences created using Disguise designer have the power to engage audiences like never before. While the Disguise Designer toolkit is mostly used in live show projection mapping, the increasing popularity of projection mapping means that projection mapping companies have also started incorporating it into retail and event projection mapping activations.


With an impressive track record spanning over 17 years, Watchout is one of the longest standing and most trustworthy projection mapping software tools available on the market. Watchout brings together images, 3D animations, graphics, video, sound, text, and even live video feeds to create extraordinary mapped projections spanning across multiple display areas and is an extremely versatile tool that can be used whenever maximum user impact is required. Moreover, as of version 6.2, Watchout supports features like camera-based auto-alignment, which is extremely useful in applications like dome projection installations, such as Untitled Project’s dome projection mapping for the 2015 edition of the Heineken Green Room in Vietnam. Its utility in this aspect makes Watchout one of the best, if not the best, choices for projection mapping specialists when creating experiential displays that tie in with the overall theme in places like museums, planetariums, experience centers, and visitor attractions.


MadMapper is a tool created by artists for artists. Built around the concept of sharing content between applications, MadMapper is a powerful, user-friendly, and highly versatile projection mapping solution scalable for a wide range of applications including architectural projection, art installations, and live performances. Despite its capability to produce intricate mapped visuals, MadMapper is fairly easy to use and is supported by an active global community of projection artists. In addition to 3D content projection, MadMapper can be used to manipulate light fixtures which when combined with techniques like Kinect video mapping can produce captivating light projection mapping installations like this one by Azael Ferrer: – making it a perfect stage design solution.

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