3 Event Trends to Look Out For in 2019

It’s no secret that people today are experience driven, and keeping up with the latest event trends is a sure-fire way to ensure your next event is a success. Events in the UK are rapidly progressing from passive (packed, stuffy sit-down conferences and PowerPoint presentations) to active and engaging, with a focus on audience experience and immersion. When audiences attend a memorable event, they’ll subconsciously associate their experience with that particular brand. Since experiences tend to have a bigger impact than PowerPoint presentations, they’re more likely to be talked about – and word of mouth travels faster than anything else. If you want to make sure event goers leave you next event feeling positive and inspired, it’s essential that you keep up with emerging trends within the UK event sphere.


The technology used in events has always been, and will continue to evolve. Technologies like virtual and augmented reality can be used to enhance the ways in which brands present their event content, and a great example of this is our collaboration with Certis Cisco for the launch of their advanced security system in Singapore. Faced with the challenge of explaining the benefits of blockchain to an audience of B2B users unfamiliar with the technology, we made use of cutting-edge VR technology to deliver a captivating and immersive presentation that cut through the technical jargon and used a storytelling approach to convey how blockchain technology fits into the supply chain.

The use of technology isn’t just limited to delivering presentation content however, and there’s no need for it to be overly complicated. In 2018 we conceptualised, designed and built the Uber Eats Village and the Uber Rides Lounge at Singapore’s popular Laneway festival – a successful activation focused on Uber’s smartphone offerings. In terms of technology, this seemingly simple activation achieved great results with over 86% of surveyed festival goers distinctly remembering Uber’s presence and nearly half of them taking it a step further and ordering food through the app.

Venues that Stand Out

If you want to really wow your event attendees, you’ve got to do more than put on a great event – your venue has to be on point too. The chosen venue can really make or break an event, so finding (or creating!) an area that’s inspiring yet appropriate is essential. Event venues can be further upgraded by making use of professional event production. An example of such production is the use of projection mapping, something we’re experts at, to transform simple spaces into artistic masterpieces.

Audience Personalisation

Just like modern consumers expect experiences as opposed to simple products, event goers have come to expect events personalised to their individual tastes and preferences. Personalised experiences really resonate with event attendees, which helps build loyalty. In 2015 we worked with Heineken Singapore at ZoukOut to develop a unique projection mapping installation that fully immersed attendees into the festival experience. Each festival goer entering the Heineken VIP area had their photograph taken, which was 3D generated on the fly and projected onto a large, projection mapped head. The personalized interactive face mapping was the talk of the show and helped form lifelong connections between Heineken and event attendees.

Untitled Project has a passion for crafting memorable event experiences. After working with leading brands like Heineken, Uber, Airbnb and Conrad, we’re now offering our experience and creative prowess to UK brands. Contact us now to find out how our UK based event production company can help transfix and mesmerise audiences at your next event.